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PRESS ANNOUNCEMENT - 30th July, 2004
(immediate release)


A statement by John P M Parry MBE, Chairman, Parry People Movers Ltd

Parry People Movers Ltd (PPM) welcomes the transport developments contained in The Future of Rail White Paper of 15th July 2004 and in The Future of Transport White Paper of 20th July 2004, which encourages 'bold measures' to reduce congestion.

The company is also pleased to have received assurances from the Strategic Rail Authority (SRA) that funding will be released shortly for the trial operation of a PPM light railcar on the Stourbridge Town branch line, as previously announced. The SRA will be wound up in 2005 under the new organisation for the railways outlined in The Future of Rail White Paper. Its role will be taken over by the Department for Transport, which will establish the Transport Innovation Fund for packages of measures that encourage the shift of passenger journeys from car to public transport.

The announcements make clear the future direction of transport development in the UK:

  • the true costs and benefits of different transport modes will be properly considered;
  • there will be increasing devolution of transport decisions to local authorities;
  • the Department for Transport will take responsibility for both light and heavy rail modes;
  • the Community Railways programme, initiated by the SRA, will be pursued;
  • introduction of new vehicle technologies will be 'enabled' (the Department states its view that Britain is 'well placed to be at the forefront of transport technology innovation').

Parry People Movers Ltd believes that the above strategy opens the way for the use of intermediate modes, such as PPM products, for the provision of affordable but high quality urban and rural passenger transport in the context of an overall intention to 'deliver carbon savings' and 'reduce the impact of other emissions that pollute the environment'.

PPM supplies efficient, clean vehicles for operation both on urban tramways and on branch lines of the national network. PPM technology can resolve the challenges of excessive cost which have resulted in the cancellation of light rail/tramway schemes and in the current unsustainable level of public subsidy for rail branch lines. There is great potential for breaking down the barriers between light and heavy rail, such as the construction of tramway extensions from existing branch lines into local population and commercial centres.

Beginning later in 2004, the trial service of a light railcar - operated by Pre Metro Operations Ltd (a licensed Train Operating Company) in passenger service on Network Rail infrastructure at Stourbridge - will demonstrate the potential of PPM technology, which has already proved itself on heritage railway lines with many thousands of passengers carried and several thousand miles run.

The company looks forward to working closely with the Department for Transport to provide affordable, high-quality transport in the UK.

The Directors of the company accept responsibility for this announcement.

On behalf of the Board
John P M Parry MBE
Parry People Movers Ltd

For further information please contact:

John Parry, Chairman of Parry People Movers Ltd
+44 (0) 1384 569171, mobile 07711 623003 or e-mail

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