An announcement by Mr John P M Parry MBE, Chairman.

“Parry People Movers Ltd (PPM) welcomes today's announcement by the Strategic Rail Authority of its ideas for greater involvement of local communities in the management of rural branch lines. The full Strategic Rail Authority's report can be seen on their website.

PPM 80 Community Railcar

The concept, which in many instances will involve a move to more appropriate regulatory standards, will open the way for the use of new types of rolling stock specifically designed for rural branch lines, lightly used services and tramways.

One example is the PPM 50 passenger Railcar now successfully operating in service on the Chasewater Railway in the Midlands and which has been approved by HMRI to carry passengers.

A larger, 80 passenger version - the PPM Community Railcar - is already being developed by our company and its supply chain partners to suit the needs of the rural routes.

Click here for a .pdf version (361KB) of the PPM 80 Community Railcar Concept brochure "From Rural Railway Halt to Town Centre Direct".

The secondary railway concept has been promoted by PPM for some years and proposes transferring many of the virtues of modern light rail systems to rural railway lines but without the need for major electrification infrastructure. Light rail is the major public transport success story of recent times, with rates of passenger growth since the 1990s exceeding that of car use. The SRA has already provided me with a list of nine routes that it considers potentially suitable for services which could be operated by our PPM Community Railcars.

The essential operational benefits of this initiative will include:

PPM sees the re-opening of mothballed railway lines as a natural follow-on to the SRA's announcement, at a time when road traffic congestion is spreading beyond towns to become a universal problem.

We look forward to participating in pilot projects later this year and to the possibility of a future build programme of Railcars based upon the PPM technology.”

John P M Parry

Parry People Movers Limited.

26 February 2004.

The directors of Parry People Movers Ltd accept responsibility for the contents of this announcement.


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